28 November 2017: Steven Matthews’ “On Magnetism” launches at Blackwell’s Oxford. 7:15pm:

Join us for a special evening with Steven Matthews and Fiona Sampson, where they will be discussing their latest publications, and exploring poetry, place in history and the natural world.

When:    Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Where:  Blackwell’s Bookshop Oxford, 48-51 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BQ

On magnetism

Steven Matthews will be reading from his collection ‘On Magnetism‘, featuring poems about loss and remembrance, about the relation of the Renaissance and the Classical worlds to our own, about locales within lives. These are poems about sounding the world, and about measuring our responses to it through its various musics. Steven will also be discussing his prose book reflecting upon Wordsworth, ‘Ceaseless Music’.

Fiona Sampson will be reading from ‘The Catch’, a collection that transforms the sensory world into an astonishingly new and vivid poetry. Here, dream and myth, creatures real and imagined, and the sights and sounds of ‘distance and of home’ all coalesce in a sustained meditation on time and belonging. Fiona will also be exploring her prose work ‘Limestone Country’, a love letter to landscape and geology.

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