26 November 2013 – 31 January 2014: Exhibition “26 Words Exploring the DNA of Language”

Two Rivers Press artist, Sally Castle, recently participated in an interesting creative exercise, explained by Tom Banks, at Design Week:Wave

26 writers and visual artists explore ‘the DNA of language

Writers collective 26 has teamed up with artists to explore what it calls ‘the DNA of language’ in a new exhibition which looks to explore the meaning of words as a visual expression.’

As you would expect, 26 writers were paired up with 26 visual artists, and then in a slightly ritualistic act, each pair together inserted a knife into a dictionary to select a word of each letter of the alphabet at random.

‘We call it a successful experiment in seeing how creativity can be released in a single word,’ says 26, which has ended up with a set of intriguing interpretations in 2D and 3D that consider things like etymology, definition, more abstract expressions, and of course what these things might look like..

The full article and images from the exhibit are here.

26 Words will be exhibited at the Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, EC1, from 26 November – 31 January 2014.  Weekdays from 9am-8pm, 26th Nov – 31st Jan, with some exceptions. Please call ahead to check availability.

Please go and see if you can find Sally’s beautiful lettering on display.

This exhibition will tour from November 2103 to November 2104:  London, Reading, Sunderland, Bruges (Belgium), Suffolk, and Hereford.  Dates, times and locations are listed here.