2 June 2018: Duncan Mackay celebrates Octavia Hill

Duncan Mackay, author of Whisper of Better Things: Green Belts to National Trust – How the Hill family changed our world,  will address those attending a special  event commemorating Octavia Hill and her charitable good deeds on 2 June 2018.  “The event is hosted by Bankside Open Spaces Trust, together with the Army Cadet Force and Octavia Hill Society,” says Duncan. “It will be a full day, with a special service at at Southwark Cathedral, followed by another small ceremony at the Red Cross Gardens.  There will be an Army Cadet Flag Parade, planting an Octavia Hill rose and serving some light refreshments of tea and cake.  It is an honor to be asked to participate.”



Get a copy of Duncan’s book about the Hill family, here.

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