2 January 2017: Jane Draycott’s “Italy to Lord” is poem of the week!

What better way for a poet to start the new year than to have a poem selected for Carol Rumen’s Poem of the Week column?

Jane Draycott  photo: Jemimah Kuhfeld / jemimahkuhfeld.co.uk

Jane Draycott
photo: Jemimah Kuhfeld / jemimahkuhfeld.co.uk

And so, 2017 is off to a fine start for Jane Draycott. Carol Rumen selected Jane’s poem, “Italy to Lord”, as her first poem of the week for 2017.   It is a “…gentle, subtle reflection on a child’s-eye view of an encyclopedia’s exotic secrets is also a vision of a lost world” writes Carol.   Here is the first stanza

Italy to Lord

It’s dark in here and forest green: Britannica,
sixteen oak trees in a London living room,
the little girl, my mother, in the bookcase glass.
Italy, Ithaca, Izmail, Japan, each page a mainsail,
turning, HMS Discovery – none of the rivers
of southern Italy is of any great importance…


Click here to read the whole poem and Carol Rumen’s  review